Tracee & Andrew : Trash the dress

Tracee came to me a few weeks ago with an unusual request in mind. For her one year anniversary photo shoot she wanted to play messy twister with her hubs. The catch was Tracee would be wearing her wedding gown. My first thought was this will be so cool!! I have seen these trash the dress sessions done before and it seems to be a fun way to wrap up the first wedded year in your gown.

We met up on a warm sunny Sunday evening. Tracee did her planning and bought thrift store clothes for her husband (which I thought was very smart) and her bff's who watched over their little pup while the craziness began!

At first we took a a few just couple shots without paint. Then came the paint. When the first red splash of paint was left on Tracee's ivory gown I felt my heart cringe and looked over at Tracee's friend Kristy- the look on her face was priceless. After a few more paint colors got in the mix it started looking very neat! The colors popped great with that ivory dress ;)

I'd have to say I would never be able to do this with my own gown but I am sure glad Tracee did so I could capture it and add it to my portfolio!