SNOW! Personal Post

Well Virginia Beach has finally received its first snow of 2014! Since I was able to share the day with my fur babies (and my little sis) I decided to do my first ever personal blog post! I always try to refrain from posting personal stuff because for one the posts will most likely always involve pictures of my 4 legged kids... I mean they are super adorable ;) but who wants to see their picture EVERY day. They are such good little models for me and I cant help but snap a thousand pictures of them- you guys are in so much trouble when we have kids ;). Today was gorgeous- super bummed my husband had to make the long journey into work today so he couldn't play with us. Luckily he can handle driving in the snow unlike myself so better him than me! Morgan and I already knew that labs ate everything- even snow & icicles- but boy do they still fight for the same spot of snow to eat when they are surrounded by numerous acres of it! Morg and I spent a little time painting and creating the finishing touches for the Valentine Day Mini's! I cant wait to share with you all the set up sometime next week- SUPER excited!! For now I hope you enjoy this wintery shoot of my snow labs.