Cooper :Family shoot

I just love this little mans big brown eyes! He is one of the most handsome kids I have ever seen- I may be a bit biased since I have known his Momma for 19 years now... IDK how that is possible! During our shoot Cooper experienced what it was like to touch the ocean with his toes... lets just say we created a monster and that boy would not even look away from the crashing waves. His little jeans were soaking wet and the water was ice cold but that didn't stop him! I think we have a future beach bum on our hands. By far this is one of my favorite beach shoots to the date! He even did great holding his seaside sign... props to mom and dad for the fishy faces! Probably the cutest thing ever.

In honor of fathers day, a photo of Russell (aka props manager) juggling many chairs as he conquers dunes and sand. Haha happy Fathers day to you!