Satterthwaite Baby Bump:: Virginia Beach VA

Time is ticking and less than one month before this little lady arrives! She is definitely going to change their world forever but in such a good way. When Dan and Resa told us they were expecting I was so excited... mainly in a selfish way because ya see Dan and my husband grew up together. They have a photo of themselves napping next to each other with their cute little diaper butts in the air. (I cant wait to recreate that photo btw)

All I could think of was thank heavens my little girl has someone to grow up with out here... just like their daddies did. It is even more perfect because they are expecting a little girl too! I'm sure we will be dealing with a ton of Sass with the two of them combined but I cant wait to have another couple join us in the parenting department! Cheers to all these Blackwater babies!!

And if I have any parenting advice with my first month and a half of being mom I would say just hang in there. Especially when she is throwing a fit for 3 hours straight or you feel disgusting because you smell like sour milk all day long... just wait until you have that moment when she locks eyes with yours and gives you her first real smile because she recognizes you (and not because she tinkled or had gas). It'll is literally the best feeling when she does <3