Mason + Ashley: Flyway Lodge Wedding

Currituck NC Rustic Wedding at the Historic Hunt Club, The Flyway Lodge

When you think marriage is all a fairytale....think again. God sends you those trials and these two had their very first trial before the wedding day even arrived. Their September wedding was threatened by the unpredictably furious Hurricane Florence. It wiped out the southern states below Virgina. It was the first time Ole Virginia was under a state of emergency for a hurricane. Vendors and locations were shutting down and boarding up all around. These two were forced to rescheduled their wedding as they feared for the safety of guests. In light of the situation, their wedding hashtag created itself, #HurricaneHatchell. Luckily, their new rescheduled date ended up being PERFECT, despite the chilly temperature (which was the perfect excuse for Ashley to wear her grandmother's vintage fur shaw). She danced the night away under the stars with her groom in front of a fairytale country castle also known as the Flyway Lodge.

Now, let me share a little background on this sweet love story. In ninth grade English class, Mason would always sit behind Ashley and bug her for a pencil, paper, gum - you name it -because he was never prepared. She thought he was super weird. He was relentless. Eye rolls and sighs did not deter this young Prince Charming. She would ignore him. Then senior year, she passed him on the street when she was heading back from OBX. Well, hellooooo weird kid from ninth grade! Mason's side of the story is completely different, he would say Ashley finally paid some attention because she liked his truck. Their first date was to a truck pull, not Ashleys Ideal date.  Something must have shifted, and it wasn't just the 4-wheel drive! Since that date, they have spent the last 6 years together. There's just something about mud and trucks!

They were the definition of “opposites attract” but they both would say, they changed each other for the better.

It was the hottest day of the year. Mason and Ashley were out digging the foundation for the brand new home they were building. Ashley was so over it. She had earned a crazy farmers tan, she was hot, tired, sweaty as can be with dirt under her nails and starving. Mason had just gotten done cutting hay so he rolled up on his tractor. Doesn't every Prince Charming drive a tractor? Ashley was NOT pleased, because he mentioned how he popped into his bosses house to grab a sandwich and did not bring her one on the way back. The nerve! They cooled off from the heat and her hangriness in the tractor and listened to some music. Mason popped out and asked her to sit on the seat to help him fix something. (really, after not bringing a sandwich???) She turned to look and realized Mason was down on one knee. The best memory by far. With this couple, I'll bet there are more great memories to come! 


Coordinator: Champagne Pop Events

Flowers: Floral Occasions

DJ: DJ Jeff Steadman

Caterer: Pungo Catering

Hair & Make up: Mandy Sawyer Mosaics Hair salon

Limo: VA Executive Sedan & Limo

Cake & Desserts: Mallory Craft

Tent: Big Top Entertainment