skylar wyatt scott: THE GAL BEHIND THE lens

I’m a go with the flow (creatively/messy) organized type of gal,  who lives for a thin crust margarita pizza or sushi delivery (Philly roll all day long). Im a mom to one adorable blonde hair, blue eyed baby girl and another blonde haired, spastic, fur baby! 

In the spring time you can find us girls hanging out with some of our favorite people getting our glamping on in our vintage 1963 Shasta camper, Sugar Snap, with of course our favorite pink bird (the plastic yard flamingo) as lawn accessories.

Summer time we like to park it by the pool and grab our favorite flamingo float and shades. A favorite past time is paint night (with wine in hand of course, how else can you channel your inner creative?) I love exploring places, old towns in particular. I am pretty sure my obsession with barns and farmhouses stems from paintings my grandpa use to create by hand of those buildings that have so many stories to tell.


Molly Heinrichs:   The Behind the Scenes Gal

Molly has recently joined the Skylar Wyatt team, she is a devoted Business Manager providing outstanding communication to our clients.  Molly is new to the photography world but she has over 10 years industry experience as a Wedding & Event Planner. She has a magnetic personality and is a proud mom to her two Corgi Pups, Rudder and Harbor.


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