A Vintage literature inspired wedding: Culpepper Barn, Pungo Va

What kind of wedding might you get when you have a bride who grew up in the country and who also happens to be an English teacher? I will give you one guess... (mainly because it is in this title and you should have been paying attention...) a storybook wedding! This Vintage Literature dream wedding, designed by the unique and talented Emily Gentry of Your Home Girl, is one in a million!

Chris is quite the romantic. His proposal to Lilly is one of the sweetest I have ever heard. After crafting a delicious scavenger hunt for his bride to be that began with a manicure, then picking out a new dress....the hunt went on and on until the very last stop on the beach in Sandbridge, where the final surprise was a proposal. 

Now to the wedding day! Better weather could not have been ordered and the day sparkled with the magic of new beginnings and fairytale endings. On the lawn beneath a very old tree that could have been plucked from the pages of Hans Christian Anderson, Lilly and Chris exchanged their promise of forever in front of everyone they hold dear. The bridal party, all very vintage blue, looked on amidst flowers and smiles. Magic whispered in the wind and carried them all into the Culpepper Barn, which had been transformed into a place one could only dream of and thought only existed between leather-bound pages. Twinkle lights draped from the rafters illuminated each table draped in white, complete with their own library of literary inspiration. From the rustic dance floor to the intimately quaint seating area, complete with a vintage velvet Chesterfield sofa and high-backed chairs, the barn was no longer just a barn, but an adventure to explore! After hours of laughter echoed from wall to roof, the joy of the evening could not be contained and spilled out onto the front lawn until the deliriously happy couple packed up their willow picnic basket full of well-wishes and headed home...where they lived happily ever after. The End (but really, this is just the beginning)




Hermitage engagement session: Norfolk VA


Four years ago as of June, Mike moved to this area from Pennsylvania for a management position with Sherwin Williams.  He toured the apartment community Kathleen worked at & ultimately leased his first place from Kathleen. She knew she liked Mike immediately...the beard & baby blues were hard to resist.  (Plus, perks of her job, she already knew he had good credit & no criminal record!)

  A week later the two met up for a couple of beers at Green Parrot in Chicks Beach.  From that point on, they were never really apart more than a few days..and still haven't been in all the time they've been together.  

Kathleen's favorite thing about their relationship is how easy & comfortable it has always felt and when they argue it's rare & short-lived.  "Pretty sure one of us always just ends up missing the other & we talk it through.  He's the best teammate/partner in crime/friend/kitty co-parent & so much more- I can't wait to call him my husband."

Mike proposed in a way that mirrored their whole relationship- nothing elaborate or overly influenced by others.  Just the two of them, in their living room. He asked Kathleen if she would want to exchange one Christmas gift early (it was only December 9th) & she agreed.  He got the new-edition of Tomb Raider for PS4 & Kathleen got the best gift of all, an engagement ring!

When Mike got down on one knee & first asked,  Kathleen just stared for a moment before replying.  "The ring was so much more beautiful than I could have imagined."

Neither of their families knew he was planning to do it until we called them afterwards & they were thrilled.  It was such a happy, positive ending to the crazy year that was 2016.

"As excited as I am for our wedding & to share our commitment to one another in front of our friends and family, Mike & I both agree that as long as we are married by the end of the day, the whole thing is a success."

Coral Ray's Swan First Birthday: Norfolk VA

What better way to celebrate the big ONE with a Swan theme. Kristen and I decided to keep it light and airy for Corals photos... Lets just say she was not a happy camper when she was eating her cupcake but had no problem crumbling it! Sweet big sis Gemma was such a big helper it was adorable! How are my babies growing up so fast!!! 

Best Friend Maternity under the Cherry blossoms: Red Wing Park Virginia Beach VA

When two best friends are expecting their miracle babies they decided this was an important milestone to capture together. What better location than under the new blooms on the Cherry Blossom trees at Red wing park to celebrate the new baby girls they will be welcoming in a few short weeks. 

Two years ago Audrey had a life changing experience, she was in a hospital bed, battling for her life. All because of a tampon, yes ladies a tampon!! Audrey was suffering from toxic shock syndrome, acute respiratory distress syndrome and sepsis. She never thought she would be able to carry another baby and here she is expecting her first baby girl to add to a houseful of boys. Audrey is now an advocate for Sepsis, TSS and ARDS, you can follow her journey on her blog www.psdontusetampons.com and even donate to the begin again foundation for others who are battling the same life changing events.


For Audreys look, you can find her dress at pinkblushmaternity.com and her cute boots are from our local store Pungo Ridge in Virginia Beach.

Helloooo ONE Teal & mint first birthday shoot:Norfolk VA

This chunk of sugah turns one TODAY! I cant believe a year has flown by since you entered the world, Grant Knepper! You are the definition of adorable with your permanent blond cow lick and fabulous chunky thighs! Even though you don't love messes you, handled the confetti explosion like a champ (we know who you get your disliking of glitter/confetti from). Huge shout out to Momma Ashley for her colorful vision, Autumn for making crazy noises and Isabelle for popping the rest of the confetti! Id say Grant approves of that cake!

(If any of you mommas are interested in that "ONE" balloon, check out our neighbors at Jollity for all your babes party supplies!) 

Hardy Family Maternity Session: Virginia Beach VA

Talk about the most perfect weather ever for a March maternity session!!! Morgan and Hutch are adding another sweet little boy to their family in less than 2 months. God bless you Morgan with that houseful of boys! There will never be a dull moment thats for sure ;) 

The Cross Family: Flyway Lodge Knotts Island NC

We spent a pretty Saturday Morning at one of North Carolina's newest wedding venues, The Flyway Lodge. It literally has the best view out onto the water, a gorgeous rustic barn, a tree lined driveway and plenty of greenery. Special thanks to Allison for letting us come play at the Lodge! Also folks if you are looking for a great Airbnb, then you should stay at the Flyway!

Every year I get together with the Cross Family and update Lucas's dump truck picture. Soon enough that tall little guy will need a real size dump truck. He can still wiggle his little bottom in that one for now though! 

A Warm Winter Maternity Session: Cara & Mike Munden Point Park

fb 10.jpg

First off how amazing is this warm weather?!?!?! NOt having to suit up in snow gear is AWESOME.

Cara and Mike are expecting their first baby girl this May! Cara looks AMAZING and is GLOWINNGG. We got so lucky Saturday morning with that 70 degree weather... its insane to see the Japanese Magnolia tree's in full bloom but that pink was the perfect punch to add to these maternity photos!  Munden Point Park never disappoints when it comes to good spot. 

I had the best morning with these two and cannot wait to meet their little gal one day!

Humphrey Family at Munden Point Park: Virginia Beach VA

Heres a little flashback to one evening session with the Humphrey family a month ago! What happens when you get a freakishly warm February day  and 3 little ones with only 15 minutes to capture them all smiling?! This shoot right here!

This Momma and daddy are troopers and totally get that at this age the babes are gonna do exactly what they want to do- no matter what the obstacles are! Munden Point park is always a perfect location and we got superrrrr lucky with these blooms and gorgeous lighting! I hope you Humphreys enjoyed your quick trip to VB! Cant wait to reunite in the summertime with you all!

Valentines Day Lifestyle shoot: The Tenney Family

One of the most adorable families is here with their lifestyle family shoot with a mix of Valentines day sweetness. These four are so much fun... there is never a dull moment when Tatum is around giving Easton check ups, playing with her "witch book" or singing Adele at the top of her lungs (and recruiting me to be her potty partner). Easton is such a cool little man with those electric blue eyes. (watch out ladies Audrey has dibs on this handsome boy too). Love yall to pieces!


Where the wild thing are: Vincents first Birthday

I just want to take a minute to give a shout out to Vincent's Momma, Chelsea for designing and creating the most magical first birthday party I have EVER witnessed. I first met Vincent at his newborn session, when he was the teeniest little guy (where we might have shoved him in a bucket of golf balls haha). Now he definitely wont fit in that bucket but he sure is crawling around and cheesing away!

His birthday party theme (If you could not guess from the photo above) is "Where the wild things are." Crowns and amazing backdrops filled the room along with a custom leaf wall that Chelsea sewed together. Food was served on wooden chargers and Vincent's grandmother created his boat (on her own!).

The details were perfection for a perfect little boy!  Happy birthday Vincent!!

Sweetest Isabel: Football inspired newborn session


Our winter baby boom just keeps getting better. Everyone, meet Isabel, the tiniest sweetest human! She is precious and blessed her amazing parents with her appearance a few weeks ahead of schedule. Momma bought her a football outift to wear and it swallowed her up but it was so darn cute! Isabel decided she was going to stay awake for most of her session but she cooperated like a champ. Check out those sweet little toes. Gosh I love these little babes!

Foggy Snow Maternity Session: Virginia Beach VA

Victoria and Brandon are expecting a little boy very soon now. This tiny little momma and her sweet pump were glowing the morning of our maternity session. Brandon wanted to do their session at the beach but once VB got our big blizzard we settled for a snow shoot...which in my opinion was wayyyyy better! We started before the sun popped out from the early morning clouds. Then the fog rolled in all around us. It was pretty neat. I thank the good LORD above that Victoria didnt slip on that crazy ice. She was such a trooper!!


Baby Arrow: Hunting newborn session

When your momma and daddy are avid hunters you get the honor of snuggling up next to a big ole antler. It wasn't too long ago when I captured baby Aristotle's, "Arrow" for short, Mommy and Daddy's big day. Now this sweet bundle of joy has arrived to help complete the Cleanthes household. Hes a sweet little thing and even posed for his first Christmas Photo in front of his very first Christmas tree.

A Christmas engagement in downtown Pungo: Lilly & Chris

Lilly and Chris are too adorable... I mean come on look at that polka dot skirt Lilly is rocking...

They both are teachers at Creeds elementary school and that is where their relationship began. When these two look at each other they cant help but giggle. Their smiles are contagious you cant help but to laugh with them. 

 Lilly had the idea of incorporating a little bit of Christmas into their engagement session. Since she is a local pungolian and is tying the knot at the Culpepper barn, we agreed to photograph at the adorable Bee and Biscuit (Thank you so much Bee!!) where we got the best of both worlds. You can actually see the adorable barn in the back ground of the first few photos from their session from the Bee's parking lot (tell me how awesome that worked out?!)

After playing around in the Bee's yard we popped across the street to the Pungo tree to capture a few Christmas shots while Lilly rocked a beautiful lace red dress to bring in more of the Christmas vibe. Another sweet fact from our photoshoot is that Lilly's students sang Christmas carols on that stage at the Pungo Tree lighting.      

Lilly and Chris, I cannot wait to spend the day with you all in April and watch you become Mr and Mrs! 

Special shout out to the Bee and Biscuit and Emily G for pushing my stroller around so we could capture these epic pics!!





Christmas maternity shoot Ashley and Joe : Virginia Beach VA

Ashley and Joe are expecting their first sweet baby girl in February, Miss Olivia. What better way to capture this adorable little bump than in a pink dress with a pink and purple sky. Ashley had an adorable idea to incorporate a little Christmas Cheer by adding a red scarf as a bow to her belly. I had so much fun chasing the sunset with these three and in the blink of an eye I know we will be welcoming Miss Olivia in no time! I cant wait to see if she ends up having her gorgeous mommas eyes!!! 

Sunset Senior Portraits: Pungo VA

There is nothing better than when your senior girls can school you on posing techniques! It is hard to believe I use to help get this sweet little girl... lady shall I say... ready every morning before school. I have to say it was the best part of my day getting to spend time with her and her sister every morning and boy do I miss those days ! Now I can pass the torch and have them come take care of my little lady one day! Congrats to you beautiful Kiera on becoming a senior. Go explore your little heart out and enjoy life <3

An intimate Winter weddingat Steinhiblers: Virginia Beach VA

November 20th we celebrated the wedding of Mr and Mrs smith at the delicious (and gorgeous) Steinhiblers. Beth and John exchanged vows under the tall Magnolia tree which symbolizes long lasting and healing which is a perfect place to start a journey with someone you love. Their families joined them for this intimate ceremony and they ended the night at their new home greeting friends and family with their bourbon theme. Congratulations Beth and John!