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Welcome, friend!

This is a place that was created for you.

A place where I could share my life, passions, and inspirations - of course, but also where I get to (hopefully) connect with you and the beautiful season of life that you’re in!

Whether it’s capturing the vibrant love of a future bride and groom in an engagement shoot or joining a family in welcoming their precious new child into the world, I absolutely adore being a part of the chapters in my clients’ stories.

As a girl mom myself, most of my days consist of me with a camera in one hand and the other shooing away my silly white lab from AK’s tiny fingers passing out cheerios.

Although the day to day of life can be a far cry from glamorous, it just makes me that much more excited to soak up the little moments that make it all worth it. My photography style is inspired by these little moments and experiences – the great outdoors, old towns, unique architecture, vintage campers, rustic farmhouses, and the way watercolor dances ever so gracefully on rag paper.

I love seeing how my clients’ faces illuminate; in the midst of their own moments and new experiences.

Inspired by the paintings of my grandfather (that still hang on my wall to this day!), I think of the stories those structures could tell. I think of how, through my photography, I get to help others tell their story, too.

All that to say, I’d be honored to help capture the moments that make up your family’s story. I’m currently accepting new clients and would love to hear from you! Get in touch here.

With love,

- Skylar