Sawyer is one and expecting a new sister: Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg Va

This one year session is so dear to my heart!! I cannot help but get emotional thinking about Sawyer turning one! 

This time last year I was heading up to Williamsburg, a day shy from being 37weeks pregnant, to document Sawyers newborn session.His session is one that I will always remember.

I drug my sister up there with me because I was so worried about going into labor alone on the interstate. Driving up there I felt some crazy pains in my stomach but they disappeared as the evening went on.

I remember arriving and meeting this perfect little baby and thinking how I would have one of my ownin just a few short weeks. The session went great, Sawyer was amazing and Morgan and I packed up to head home. We stopped and got a spicy chicken sandwich from good ole chick fil a. 

I was so motivated when I came home that I was determined to finish his newborn session so I could start my nesting phase. Well the moment I emailed off that gallery to Stephanie I tucked myself in bed. It felt like 5 seconds later (really an hour had probably gone by). My water broke... and off to the hospital we went to bring our baby girl into the world. My good friend warned me to always shower from here on out, and stay away from Chick fil a's spicy chicken sandwich. Well she was so right... Thanks Somer.

I remember chatting with Stephanie after her response email and telling her how I was in the hospital. I absolutely love that girl. She and Tom both got married at Kingsmill so we all had that connection, I met them while assisting at their wedding and I am so glad I have been able to keep in touch with them. 

Now even more exciting news for the Sawyer  family. We photographed this session on their Wedding anniversary, at Kingsmill and celebrated  Sawyer hittingthe big ONE. BUT the best news is that he will be a big brother to a  sweet baby sister this winter!!! I am so beyond excited for them!!!

Cheers to all the pink pineapple decor ;)