A Vintage literature inspired wedding: Culpepper Barn, Pungo Va

What kind of wedding might you get when you have a bride who grew up in the country and who also happens to be an English teacher? I will give you one guess... (mainly because it is in this title and you should have been paying attention...) a storybook wedding! This Vintage Literature dream wedding, designed by the unique and talented Emily Gentry of Your Home Girl, is one in a million!

Chris is quite the romantic. His proposal to Lilly is one of the sweetest I have ever heard. After crafting a delicious scavenger hunt for his bride to be that began with a manicure, then picking out a new dress....the hunt went on and on until the very last stop on the beach in Sandbridge, where the final surprise was a proposal. 

Now to the wedding day! Better weather could not have been ordered and the day sparkled with the magic of new beginnings and fairytale endings. On the lawn beneath a very old tree that could have been plucked from the pages of Hans Christian Anderson, Lilly and Chris exchanged their promise of forever in front of everyone they hold dear. The bridal party, all very vintage blue, looked on amidst flowers and smiles. Magic whispered in the wind and carried them all into the Culpepper Barn, which had been transformed into a place one could only dream of and thought only existed between leather-bound pages. Twinkle lights draped from the rafters illuminated each table draped in white, complete with their own library of literary inspiration. From the rustic dance floor to the intimately quaint seating area, complete with a vintage velvet Chesterfield sofa and high-backed chairs, the barn was no longer just a barn, but an adventure to explore! After hours of laughter echoed from wall to roof, the joy of the evening could not be contained and spilled out onto the front lawn until the deliriously happy couple packed up their willow picnic basket full of well-wishes and headed home...where they lived happily ever after. The End (but really, this is just the beginning)