Audrey's Floral Flamingo cake smash: In studio Norfolk VA

ak 4.jpg

The sassiest of sass just turned one this month... I am still trying to figure out where that year went. 

BOY did she wake up showing her new personality... sucking her thumb out of the blue... freaking out over not holding her Auntie Momo's iphone (which she could have cared less about the day before). I have a feeling the terrible two's have started 12 months early.

This gal loves to eat (can you tell by those fabulous chunky thighs?!) Sometimes you have to shove a paci in to distract her from food... Well it was a different story when it came to her birthday cake.  She did not really care about chowing down but chose to rub it all over her teeny tiny toes. (I am convinced she may be part Monkey).

Special Thank you to our friends at Norfolk Wholesale for our beautiful flowers and our sweet Molly for creating her smash cake!