Jody & Robert: A Rustic Bling event at the Historic Post Office Hampton VA


Jody and Robert tied the knot at United Central Methodist church and continued their party a the Historic post office.


Jody's coworker (who happens to be one of her friends) Jamie had mentioned this really great guy she had grown up with but Jody wasn't interested. Mainly because she did not want to hurt Jamie's feelings if he ended up being "weird" or she just did not like him from the start. 

The topic of Robert came up for about 5 years. The timing was never right until one day Robert became single and Jamie played matchmaker! The first evening Robert & Jody spoke they chatted until 3 am and had their first date one week later. The rest is history. 

Now on to the proposal story straight from Jody's mouth: 

Robert asked me if I would like to go on a hike sometime and I said yah. We ended up at Crabtree Falls near Charlottesville. It was 1.7 miles up along the falls to the top. I complained the entire time! Lol. When we got to the top of the falls we stopped at the overlooks to look down at the falls.  I was looking over the railing and I could see Robert in my peripheral vision but wasn't pay attention.  He finally called my name and I turned around and he was down on one knee with the ring out and he said " will you marry me". I screamed and cried like a baby and of course of said yes!!!!

And now you can check out their day at the gorgeous Historic Post Office.