Hermitage engagement session: Norfolk VA


Four years ago as of June, Mike moved to this area from Pennsylvania for a management position with Sherwin Williams.  He toured the apartment community Kathleen worked at & ultimately leased his first place from Kathleen. She knew she liked Mike immediately...the beard & baby blues were hard to resist.  (Plus, perks of her job, she already knew he had good credit & no criminal record!)

  A week later the two met up for a couple of beers at Green Parrot in Chicks Beach.  From that point on, they were never really apart more than a few days..and still haven't been in all the time they've been together.  

Kathleen's favorite thing about their relationship is how easy & comfortable it has always felt and when they argue it's rare & short-lived.  "Pretty sure one of us always just ends up missing the other & we talk it through.  He's the best teammate/partner in crime/friend/kitty co-parent & so much more- I can't wait to call him my husband."

Mike proposed in a way that mirrored their whole relationship- nothing elaborate or overly influenced by others.  Just the two of them, in their living room. He asked Kathleen if she would want to exchange one Christmas gift early (it was only December 9th) & she agreed.  He got the new-edition of Tomb Raider for PS4 & Kathleen got the best gift of all, an engagement ring!

When Mike got down on one knee & first asked,  Kathleen just stared for a moment before replying.  "The ring was so much more beautiful than I could have imagined."

Neither of their families knew he was planning to do it until we called them afterwards & they were thrilled.  It was such a happy, positive ending to the crazy year that was 2016.

"As excited as I am for our wedding & to share our commitment to one another in front of our friends and family, Mike & I both agree that as long as we are married by the end of the day, the whole thing is a success."