Miss Lainey: Birth story

March 17th, 2014 {St Patrick's Day for all of you green beer lovers ;)} the world received a little lucky charm, and her name is Lainey! I was so honored to be apart of this experience. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever photograph a live birth... it was beautiful and awesome (awesome because I didn't pass out- I told Kaylan I could not promise I would make it through the whole thing- luckily I did!).

I met with Kaylan a few weeks before Lainey's arrival and she explained to me how all of her family lived in California and could not make it out to VA for the birth. Kaylan wanted to photograph the delivery to make a surprise album for her mother for mothers day... but really who could wait that long to keep these pictures a secret? That secret was shared shortly with her mother a couple days after Lainey's arrival and now I have permission to share this amazing experience with you all.

 It broke my heart to think that Kaylan's mom could not be there for the birth of her granddaughter. With that being said, I knew I had to give this a shot. I mean who knows if I would ever get the chance to capture a moment like this again?

I received a text message at 4:30 am that morning reporting that they were moving to the triage (I must have been dreaming good because I did not hear anything go off and I snoozed until 6:30 am). When I woke up to that text I freaked out! Brushed my teeth, threw my hair up, grabbed a snack & popped on whatever article of clothing I could get my hands on and then some (due to the call for snow... again) then set off to the SPAH. I, being such a rookie at this baby thing, had no idea that there was plenty of time between 3cm-10cm especially with baby #1. I arrived at 7am and Kaylan ended up being at 9cm (we thought man this is going fast!). We were all convinced this baby was going to make her appearance before 11. Then we waited and waited... Finally it was go time and at 1:15 pm that sweet gal entered the world weighing 9lbs 3oz. Perfect time for dad to get his green beer!

Thankfully Kaylan was a rockstar during the birth of her first child and did not scar me from wanting to have children one day (Thank you Kaylan!). Steven didn't do to bad himself!

Yesterday I revisited this new family of 3 to snap Lainey's newborn photos and with no surprise she owned it. One of the best baby models around... I cannot wait to share those with you all in a couple weeks ;)

Enjoy my first ever Birth session...